Friday, January 1, 2010

Legend Water Chalets.. NewYear Celebration.. Part 2

Damn..cant believe they got such a nice place here,at port dickson.. though we stay kinda nearby, we decided to spend a night here.. Legend water chalets.. owh..and celcom broadband really comes in handy..can see me online almost all the time..except when we are not in the suite..
should come here again..with all my frens next.. *spystk and the trio's gang.."vtv"..
the only thing bothering me the most is that, i got a paper approximately in another 10days time..!!! hate edexcel.. anyways..screw it..will think about tat later.. gonna enjoy to the max this two days.. =) update will be soon..

Something everyone should spend few minutes reading..then..think.*tz


Both comes from the same root,

Vision is crafted with illusion of success - when Wilbur Wright and Oliver Wright started their illusion of a huge gigantic machine flying bird. Many of his men claimed these two are idiots, and absurd in their time. But this two brothers, despite the hardship successfully made a machine flying bird after so many failure attempts.

Nikola Tesla was said to mention;

"I do not wish to get married as I fear of losing my imagination".

10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943

He was called mad, crazy, imbecile, but most his works are actually what enabled us to see many wonders in the modern age.

Einstein was quoted as saying,

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

US (German-born) physicist (1879 - 1955)

And he is one of greatest scientist of all time

Isaac Newton;

"If I stand in the shoulder of a giant, I could see far distant"

Without proper footing, Proton would never be able to make it, many great companies started within the right foundation.


History tells the same thing about many great leaders, scientist, and men who have started as failure and turn out to be great names in the history. As History may have shown certain names that have failed, history has also shown us many successful names.

What makes the Jews so powerful? and the Japanese? Rome as some claim, to have united their people, what is the core to that successes? Was it that by favoring the bigger power?

What is the core foundation of Roman empires before it has become a world power, and spread its conquest, and the "unite" the people as some claimed to "unite" this country the same way as Rome.

Was it that the unification started before Roman loves its people, or the unity embarked after the Roman loves its people?

What made Japanese products successful? started automatically as world player, or first supported by its people?


Time will unfold its long lore upon us, dreams is to be waited, but dream only happens in your slumber.. .. ..

Happy New Year..!!

Since its the new year, i just wanted to try something new.. Was watching a show about Tun Mahathir's biography, knowing that he also blogs.. After reading his, it really inspired me... Heard a lot about it, so why don’t just give it a shot... So, I am blogging… Actually… there’s nothing much to say though… I can talk about how I celebrated the new year right.. Went out for dinner, family dinner.. then..came back..sat in front the TV.. And did nothing… owh, and NO FIREWORKS at all..WTH!!. for Chinese new year, fireworks were on for like half an hour nonstop.. but..for new-year.. my friend said, just another day on the calendar.. Slept late, woke up early at 7am, to go to temple, did all the prayers, and the whole day not allowed to sleep before night, and was to hold book the book the whole day (study).. coz for a very weird reason, they say that you’ll do whatever you did on the 1st day, for the whole year.. and I believed it.. just to make my mom happy.. and then.. we went out..nearby jusco..bought nothing..window shopping perhaps..then, came back...tats all… Damn, can’t believe I’m actually doing it… So not TINESH… SO guys, if you all reading this, you guys just wasted your precious time…lol.. kidding… thanks for reading… update will be very soon…I guess…=)
And guys.. HAPPY NEW YEAR..!!!