Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year..!!

Since its the new year, i just wanted to try something new.. Was watching a show about Tun Mahathir's biography, knowing that he also blogs.. After reading his, it really inspired me... Heard a lot about it, so why don’t just give it a shot... So, I am blogging… Actually… there’s nothing much to say though… I can talk about how I celebrated the new year right.. Went out for dinner, family dinner.. then..came back..sat in front the TV.. And did nothing… owh, and NO FIREWORKS at all..WTH!!. for Chinese new year, fireworks were on for like half an hour nonstop.. but..for new-year.. my friend said, just another day on the calendar.. Slept late, woke up early at 7am, to go to temple, did all the prayers, and the whole day not allowed to sleep before night, and was to hold book the book the whole day (study).. coz for a very weird reason, they say that you’ll do whatever you did on the 1st day, for the whole year.. and I believed it.. just to make my mom happy.. and then.. we went out..nearby jusco..bought nothing..window shopping perhaps..then, came back...tats all… Damn, can’t believe I’m actually doing it… So not TINESH… SO guys, if you all reading this, you guys just wasted your precious time…lol.. kidding… thanks for reading… update will be very soon…I guess…=)
And guys.. HAPPY NEW YEAR..!!!

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