Sunday, August 8, 2010

where am i

been a while since my last update..
been wondering where I've been missing..?
well my current location now is at MIRI, Sarawak..
officially a Curtin University of Technology student now..
Life here at Miri, is just gettin better by days. Tho the place is kinda boring, not as alive as KL, its just awesome with whatever it has here. The scenery is just magnificent. Well, my campus is a lakeside campus, so yea :)
Check out the pictures, you'll know wat i'm talkin about.. :)
its been like 15days here.. so far so good.. a bit stressed with UNI stuff and all.
people here, very friendly, very helpful.. curtin seniors, curtin frens, roommate and housemate.. so wat i should do now is simple, work my ass off for ma studies. i don't know wen's the next update will be posted, very soon i guess..
later guys..

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